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Clear Language Audit

Instra Corporation's clear language audit easily identifies complex language and potential comprehension issues for corporate websites. It also finds outdated language, and brand inconsistencies.

What is a Clear Language Audit?

Clear language audit

Instra Corporation's clear language audit is a one-time web content analysis report for Marketing, Editorial and Communications Teams.

The comprehensive clarity report is compiled from a scan your entire website, instantly identifying clear language issues using these measures:

Readability: How readable is your content?

Sentence Length: Sentences with more than 25 words are more difficult to understand

Passive Voice: Active voice will increase language clarity & message strength.

Complex Words: Complex words can make your content difficult to understand

+ =

How it works

Simply entering the web-address that you want to scan (e.g. http://www.instra.com) and the Instra Clear Language analysis engine will scan 100 pages of your website starting at the homepage.

If you want to scan a section of your website enter the address of the page at which you wish to start the analysis (e.g. https://www.instra.com/en/corporate-services). The analysis engine will take it from there.


At the end of the analysis, Instra will email you a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for enhancing the readability of your website. The report includes:

  • Document Discovery & Clarity analysis
  • Scan for the use of Good or Poor language
  • Lists frequently used nouns and
  • Cross references with SEO recommended keywords
  • Link-check and spell check


Having a clear and easy-to-understand website makes it easy to engage with your web-visitors.

An easy-to-understand website helps:

  • Visitors understand what you do
  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Reduce the number of costly support calls
"When the process of freeing a vehicle that has been stuck results in ruts or holes, the operator will fill the rut or hole created by such activity before removing the vehicle from the immediate area." 1 sentence – 31 words
"If you make a hole while freeing a stuck vehicle, you must fill the hole before you drive away." 1 sentence – 19 words

Clear Language Audit for your business

How will a Clear Language Audit benefit my business?


Analyse your website and identify plain language and potential comprehension issues.


Measure content readability, sentence length, use of passive voice, complex words and consistency.


A comprehensive report is compiled with recommendations for website readability enhancements.

Clear Language Audit Report

$ 99 USD

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