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Domain Pointing

  • Points domain to any website
  • Masks the real address of the website
  • Allows use of free hosting space, while maintaining a professional image
  • Catch-all email forwarding: all email to your domain forwarded to a specified email address
  • SSL Not Supported
USD 0.00/yr


Domain pointing allows domain holders to point their domain names to any website address - similar to our web redirection package - but also masks the target address from the end-user.

This means you can host on free web space provided by your ISP, without having the unprofessional address associated with free space, such as http://www.YourISP/yourName/mysite/.

Domain pointing also forwards all email to your domain name to another email address of your choice. This 'catch-all' feature allows you to have unlimited email addresses at your domain all redirecting to your primary inbox. This creates the image of multiple departments in your business, while keeping email easy to manage.

All of our hosting plans are backed with Domain Directors' unlimited technical support, so if you can't find the answers you need from our support pages, help is just an email away.