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Company Formation

Company Formation Service

Instra Corporation offers a Company Formation service to comply with the regulatory registration requirements of domain names across the some of the most regulated and complex country level domain names.

Unlike our local presence solution, Instra Company formation service provides you with a higher level of service because the company can be created to a similar name to that of the company requiring the registration of the domain name. Instra has an extensive worldwide network of company formation specialists, who are able to register and maintain your company to the satisfaction of the registry regulations and to the government regulatory authority of each respective country. We can also provide this service to you in an efficient and timely manner.

As a part of our corporate domain name offerings, we can form a company for the purpose of legitimately masking the WHOIS records for corporations that a forming new subsidiaries, launching new products or brands, or for pending company mergers. In these circumstances, the registrant/administrative contacts records require some degree of anonymity during this process, and our Company Formation service may provide you with a suitable solution.

Our company formation service can also provide you with registered local presence within specific regions should you require to order PhNUMs in a country with restrictive allocation requirements.

What benefits does Instra Company Formation Service provide?

  • Quick Response
  • Instra has an established global network of resources and the knowledge to quickly form a company on your behalf. For countries which are highly regulated, we can provide you with a realistic expectation of the time it takes to complete the incorporation process.

  • Save Time and Money
  • We eliminate the burden of researching the local regulatory requirements and the time spent on administrative duties when forming a company in an unfamiliar jurisdiction. Our Company Formation service is much more cost effective than using alternate legal resources to accomplish this task.

  • Demonstrated Experience
  • Instra has business expertise when it comes to establishing legal presences around the world with over 10 years industry experience. Being a leading global domain name registrar and PhNUM provider, we can provide you with expert advice about local presence requirements for domain names and PhNUM, and we are familiar with the regulatory requirements of setting up incorporations across many countries around the world.

Should you wish to consider using our Company Formation services, please contact our friendly customer service team for further advice.