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.MT Malta Domain Registration 

To register your .mt domain name, enter your domain name(s) into the box below and click the "Check Domain" button to check for its availability for registration.

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If you require assistance with registration of Malta .MT domain names, please contact our helpdesk via email or telephone.

.MT Domain Information

The Preferential Registration Period 

starts from the 1 December 2017 (the Launch Date) for a period of three years. 

During this period, any existing and validly registered third level domain name that has been registered before 1 June 2016 will have its corresponding second level domain name blocked. 

Non-conflicted blocked domain names may only be registered by the Holder of the corresponding third level domain name. 

Also, the additional registration of myname.mt will be free of charge for the whole duration of the Preferential Registration Period as long as myname.com.mt remains validly registered.

In addition, during the Preferential Registration Period, new Holders who register a second level domain name (e.g. myname.mt) are also entitled to register for free a corresponding third level domain name that the Holder may qualify for (e.g. myname.com.mt), if this is available. 

As of 1 December 2017, you can check the status of a domain name by accessing https://conflict.nic.org.mt. A domain name may be shown in anyone of the following states:

• Available – the domain name is available to be registered by anyone on a first-come first-served basis.

• Registered – the domain name is already registered by a Holder and is not available for registration.

• Blocked – the domain name is blocked by a Holder of a corresponding third level domain name. This is not available for registration during the entire duration (as long as it remains blocked) of the Preferential Registration Period except by the Holder of the corresponding third level domain name.

• Conflicted – the domain name is blocked by two different Holders and cannot be registered.

• Prohibited – the domain name is not allowed to be registered due to some technical or other reason.

Requirements: Restricted:
Additional information is required for domain registration and domain transfer.
Registration Time: 2 Day(s)
Country: Malta
Minimum Registration Term: 1 Year(s)
Country Dialing Code: +356
Region: Europe

.MT Bulk Domain Registration

Register your .mt domain names in Bulk, simply enter your names below (one domain per line).

.mt Network Information Center Malta

Network Information Center Malta

Registration Terms and Price
1 yearUSD $59.00

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