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.STORAGE Science Technology Domain Registration 

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.STORAGE Domain Information

Need It Stored? Claim your space at Dot Storage.

In today’s tech inspired world, the term Storage has evolved to include more than just the simple storing of items. The term Storage can mean anything from a place to store goods, to the process through which digital data is saved such as Cloud Storage or portable computer drives.

The idea of storage even relates to energy, such as storing the energy captured from renewable sources like solar and wind or food storage for companies needing large supplies on hand as well as network storage that houses your online websites.

Shipping containers carry items in storage across the globe, from grocery items, electronics or even cars which are all either passed onto customers for sale or stored at their destination for later use.

Whatever the type of storage you are thinking of, there is now a digital Web-Address that will be suitable for Storage businesses and facilities of all sizes.

A Dot Storage Domain name is set to be the brand new way to promote your Storage business online and is not limited to the following sectors being a generic TLD but as an example see below:

Physical storage

  • Self-storage

  • Dry warehousing

  • Logistics

  • Vehicle, boat, & plane storage

  • Moving services

  • Cold storage

Data storage

  • Local drive storage

  • Network storage

  • Cloud storage

  • Backup storage

  • File sharing services

  • Optical storage

Register Your Dot Storage Domain Today.

.STORAGE Registration Terms and Pricing

Phase GeneralTerm1 yearPrice**USD 0.00Application Fee*USD 0.00

* The Application Fee is for services that will be provided by Instra Corporation to cover costs in applying for the registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the outcome of the application.

Requirements: Restricted:
Additional information is required for domain registration and domain transfer.
Registration Time: 1 Day(s)
Country: Science Technology
Minimum Registration Term: 1 Year(s)

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