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.NET World Domain Name Transfer 

If your domain name is registered with another registrar, you can now transfer it to Instra Corporation.

Please enter your domain name below:

*Note: Some domain name extensions require a renewal with the transfer. This will vary depending on the domain extension.


.NET World Domain Information

Instra Corporation Pty Ltd provides direct registration services for the .net domain names with the World domain name registry.

The .net domain name presents a great opportunity for local and international companies wanting to represent their business in World.

By registering a .net domain name, your company can provide relevant and localised information about your product and services.

Local domain names such as .net for World give your company a professional image, which demonstrates proof of your commitment to local customers. By targeting the local World market, you can maximise your company's revenues.

Transfer Term 1 - 10 years .01
Transfer Fee N/A
Require Auth Code Yes
Require Renewal Yes
Renewal Fee USD 56.00 for 1 year
Country World
Region Generic


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